Figure 2.

Association of RI with histological parameters. Boxes show the first and third quartiles, with the median as a thick line. Whiskers extend to minimum and maximum values. A: RI according to arteriolosclerosis, defined as the presence of hyaline deposits in the wall of at least one preglomerular arteriole. B: RI according to maximal intima thickness (moderate arteriosclerosis was defined as a thickening of intima with intima/media ratio < 1 and severe arteriosclerosis as an intima/media ratio ≥ 1). * p<0.05 versus normal and intima/media<1. C: RI according to interstitial fibrosis. * p<0.05 versus interstitial fibrosis<20%.

Bigé et al. BMC Nephrology 2012 13:139   doi:10.1186/1471-2369-13-139
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