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Effects of smoking on the genetic risk of obesity: the population architecture using genomics and epidemiology study

Megan D Fesinmeyer, Kari E North, Unhee Lim, Petra Bůžková, Dana C Crawford, Jeffrey Haessler, Myron D Gross, Jay H Fowke, Robert Goodloe, Shelley-Ann Love, Misa Graff, Christopher S Carlson, Lewis H Kuller, Tara C Matise, Ching-Ping Hong, Brian E Henderson, Melissa Allen, Rebecca R Rohde, Ping Mayo, Nathalie Schnetz-Boutaud, Kristine R Monroe, Marylyn D Ritchie, Ross L Prentice, Lawrence N Kolonel, JoAnn E Manson, James Pankow, Lucia A Hindorff, Nora Franceschini, Lynne R Wilkens, Christopher A Haiman, Loic Le Marchand and Ulrike Peters*

BMC Medical Genetics 2013, 14:6  doi:10.1186/1471-2350-14-6