Table 2

Pairwise correlation coefficients for the the key HADS and SF-12v2 subscales
HADS-A r=1.00 - - -
HADS-D r= 0.60; p<0.0001 r=1.00 - -
PCS r=−0.10; p=0.08 r= −0.18; p=0.002 r=1.00 -
MCS r=−0.61; p<0.0001 r= −0.63; p<0.0001 r=− 0.21; p=0.0003 r=1.00

HADS-A Hospital anxiety and depression scale anxiety subscale HADS-D. Hospital anxiety and depression scale depression subscale PCS. Physical health component summary MCS Mental health component summary.

Footnote: Where r is the Pearson correlation coefficient.

McGorrian et al.

McGorrian et al. BMC Medical Genetics 2013 14:1   doi:10.1186/1471-2350-14-1

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