Figure 6.

This shows orthogonal views of an MRI with a transverse view on the left, coronal view on top right, and sagittal view on bottom right. The transverse view is zoomed 1.5 times as large as the others. White crosshairs call out the same voxel in each view. A show point display line object at the bottom displays voxel information for the crosshair value both as a raw value from the file and quantified. The show point display line also shows the data file name, quantification factor, coordinate mapping file name, index to the voxel and mapped location of the voxel. In an active iiV display, the views and show point display line would automatically update to show a selected voxel.

Lee et al. BMC Medical Imaging 2008 8:10   doi:10.1186/1471-2342-8-10
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