Figure 5.

A typical geometry of cortical FOV that is filled with vasculature and encloses a local neuroactivity blob (NAB in red). The fMRI-detectable neurovascular coupling state is expressed as a NAB-weighted intravascular blood magnetic susceptibility perturbation distribution. The vasculature-laden FOV in size of D0xD0xD0 is voxelized by a voxel size of d0xd0xd0, thus producing a reduced matrix in size of [D0/d0, D0/d0, D0/d0]. The vasculature is randomly generated under a control of blood volume fraction (bfrac(t)), that is a parameter we use to numerically characterize CBF and CBV.

Chen and Calhoun BMC Medical Imaging 2012 12:8   doi:10.1186/1471-2342-12-8
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