Table 3

Predominant color of the medulla in sonoelastography with respect to healthy and metastatic LNs
Medulla Group 1 Healthy LNs n=165 Group 2 Metastatic LNs n=15 p (pairwise comparison)
red (soft) 0% 0% n.a.
yellow 3.0% 6.7% n.a.
green 15.8% 33.3% n.a.
turquoise 73.9% 53.3% n.a.
blue (hard) 7.3% 6.7% n.a.
p-value (multivariate analysis) n.s. (0.281)

There is no difference between the two groups. (n.s. = not significant, n.a. = not applicable as the multivariate analysis was negative, LN = lymph node).

Wojcinski et al.

Wojcinski et al. BMC Medical Imaging 2012 12:35   doi:10.1186/1471-2342-12-35

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