Table 1

Samples utilised for the assays
Malawi The gambia Purpose of collection
Culture supernatant 30 24 42plex bead assay
Season of birth Rainy season 16 0
Dry season 14 24
Plasma 63 (57) Zn2+ & CRP assay
Season of birth Rainy season 40 (38)
Dry season 23 (19)
BCG given time (week after birth) 1 1
Mean Age at test (month) 3.2 (2.8-6.5) 3.1 (1.8-3.8)
Mean body weight at test (kg) 6.3 (4.4-9.2) 6.2 (4.2-7.7)

Culture supernatants obtained from Malawian (nā€‰=ā€‰30) and Gambian infants (nā€‰=ā€‰24) tested at 3 months post BCG vaccination were utilised to measure 42 cytokine/chemokine signatures. In Malawi, the rainy season is from January to May and the dry season is from June to December. In The Gambia, the wet season is from July to December and the dry season is from January to June. For testing CRP and zinc (Zn2+) levels in plasma, 63 plasma samples were tested from Malawian infants 3 months post BCG vaccination. Among the plasma samples selected, 6 samples were excluded from CRP testing as these infants were immunized with DPT, Hib and IPV within 7 days prior to blood collection. The number of samples excluding those who had DPT, Hib and IPV immunization within 7 days before the blood collection is indicated in parentheses.

Hur et al.

Hur et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2014 14:184   doi:10.1186/1471-2334-14-184

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