Table 2

Details of fatal pH1N1 cases in PICTS, 2009
Age Sex Date of onset Date of death Pre-exisiting condition Antivirals Date of oseltamivir Cause of death
26 yr F 01-Jul-09 11-Jul-09 Heart disease N ARDS*, MOF**
26 yr F 04-Jul-09 19-Jul-09 Pregnancy N ARDS
36 yr F 19-Jul-09 24-Jul-09 Lung disease N ARDS
22 yr F 23-Jul-09 06-Aug-09 Pregnancy Y 29-Jul-09 MOF
31 yr F 23-Jul-09 06-Aug-09 Unknown N N/A
32 yr F 01-Aug-09 20-Aug-09 Lung and heart disease, morbid obesity*** Y N/A ARDS, renal failure
24 yr F 03-Aug-09 12-Aug-09 Immunosuppression N N/A N/A
24 yr F 08-Aug-09 04-Sep-09 Pregnancy Y N/A ARDS, MOF
58 yr F 09-Aug-09 19-Aug-09 Diabetes, obesity N MOF
27 yr M 10-Aug-09 20-Aug-09 Morbid obesity Y 14-Aug-09 MOF
30 yr M 10-Aug-09 21-Aug-09 Nil known N ARDS, MOF
46 yr F 10-Aug-09 22-Aug-09 Nil known N ARDS, MOF
11 months M 13-Aug-09 08-Sep-09 Prematurity Y 19-Aug-09 ARDS
13 yr F 15-Aug-09 29-Aug-09 Cerebral palsy Y 16-Aug-09 ARDS
6 weeks M 16-Aug-09 17-Aug-09 Nil known N N/A
17 yr M 17-Aug-09 25-Aug-09 Lung disease Y 24-Aug-09 ARDS, pneumonia
36 yr F 18-Aug-09 30-Aug-09 Morbid obesity Y 24-Aug-09 MOF
1 yr F 22-Aug-09 24-Aug-09 Genetic disorder N MOF
73 yr M 25-Aug-09 28-Aug-09 Heart disease Y N/A MOF
61 yr M 02-Sep-09 03-Sep-09 Lung disease, morbid obesity N N/A
45 yr M 14-Sep-09 20-Sep-09 Nil known Y N/A ARDS

N/A not available.

*ARDS - acute respiratory distress syndrome.

**MOF - multi-organ failure.

***morbid obesity = body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher.

Kool et al.

Kool et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2013 13:6   doi:10.1186/1471-2334-13-6

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