Table 2

Studies included in pooled analysis
Location Study type N Population Comments
Kurtz et al. (1979) [28] UK Experimental 4 Adult volunteers aged 18–50 years -
Midthun et al. (1993) [29] USA Experimental 1 Adult volunteer -
Mitchell et al. (1993) [30] USA Observational 5 Children aged 6–30 months Outbreak in a day care center
Genogroup I
Baron et al. (1982) [31] USA Observational 132 Adults and children aged 9 months to 59 years Outbreak associated with swimming in a lake
Becker et al. (2000) [32] USA Observational 54 Male college football players Outbreak associated with boxed lunches
Dolin et al. (1971) [33] USA Experimental 5 Male prisoners aged 18–45 years -
Gill et al. (1983) [34] UK Observational 127 Adults Outbreak associated with consumption of raw oysters
Hicks et al. (1996) [35] UK Observational 31 Guests at a wedding reception -
Hoebe et al. (2004) [36] The Netherlands Observational 90 Children aged 4–12 years Outbreak associated with playing in a contaminated fountain
Kuritsky et al. (1984) [37] USA Observational 126 Adults and children attending any of four catered social events Outbreak associated with eating frosted bakery items prepared by an ill foodhandler
Linco et al. (1980) [38] Australia Observational 24 Guests at a Christmas dinner Outbreak associated with consuming raw oysters
Matsuhashi et al. (2003) [39] Japan Observational 1 Adult male physician Illness associated with performing colonoscopies on two infected individuals
MMWR (2000) [40] USA Observational 209 Adults Oubreak associated with eating potato salad at a company luncheon
Taylor et al. (1981) [41] USA Observational 329 Children aged 5-12 Outbreak associated with contaminated drinking water at an elementary school
Genogroup II
de Wit et al. (2007) [42] The Netherlands Observational 229 Men and women aged 17–63 years Outbreak associated with a staff luncheon
Dolin et al. (1982) [43] USA Experimental 9 Adult volunteers -
Gaulin et al. (1999) [44] Canada Observational 43 Diners attending Christmas dinner at a restaurant -
Gotz et al. (2002) [45] Sweden Observational 173 114 children aged 1–10 years and 79 adults aged 20–61 years Outbreak associated with catered lunch in 30 day care centers
Grotto et al. (2004) [13] Israel Observational 162 Male and female soldiers stationed on a military base Outbreak associated with salad from the dining hall
Hirakata et al. (2005) [46] Japan Observational 628 Elementary, junior high, and high school students Mexico Agent. Outbreak associated with eating lunch at a restaurant on a field trip
Isakbaeva et al. (2005) [47] USA Observational 2 Adult female and child Outbreak associated with contact with a sick child during a two hour playgroup
Kirking et al. (2010) [48] USA Observational 7 Adults and children aged 11–73 years Outbreak associated with exposure to aerosolized vomitus in an airplane
Marks et al. (2000) [49] UK Observational 43 Diners attending dinner at a large hotel -
Marshall et al. (2001) [50] Australia Observational 46 Restaurant patrons Outbreak associated with consuming contaminated food at a buffet
Thornhill et al. (1977) [51] USA Experimental 1 Adult volunteer Hawaii Agent
Truman et al. (1987) [52] USA Observational 84 Adult men and women aged 16–74 years Outbreak associated with eating clams at an organized event
Humphrey et al. (1984) [53] UK Observational 14 One child aged 3 years, nine men and women aged 65–95 years, 5 adult men and women aged 18–65 years Outbreak in an elderly care facility and the family who owned the facility
Johansson et al. (2005) [54] Sweden Observational 9 Adult men and women aged 25–84 years Hospital-based infection
Usuku et al. (2008) [55] Japan Observational 65 Sixty third grade students and five adults Outbreak associated with a hotel restaurant
Yamashita et al. (2010) [56] Japan Observational 18 Adult men and women aged 20–70 years Outbreak following a wedding reception
Kapikian et al. (1983) [57] USA Experimental 4 Adult volunteers -
Morris et al. (1975) [58] UK Observational 1 Child Hospital-based infection
Rodriguez et al. (1979) [59] USA Observational 6 Two adult women and 4 children aged 18–24 months Outbreak after a playgroup

Lee et al.

Lee et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2013 13:446   doi:10.1186/1471-2334-13-446

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