Table 1

Characterization of MRSA from Nigeria by antibiotic resistance pattern, detection of genes and molecular typing
Isolate No Location Sample Or Clinical Diagnosis Antibiogram tuf gene mecA gene dfrA gene SCCmec typing PVL gene spa type MLST (ST) Clonal Complex (CC)
50 Lagos1 Burns PEN, OXA, GEN, CIP, MOX, ERY, CLI*, TET, COT, RIF + + + III - t037 ST241 CC8
2496ψ Maiduguri GTI PEN, OXA, GEN, CIP, ERY, CLI, TET, COT + + - NT/UNT - t037**
2589 Maiduguri GTI PEN, OXA, GEN, CIP, ERY, CLI, TET, COT + + - NT - t037
60ψ Lagos1 ASOM PEN, OXA, TET, COT + + - NT/V - t064** ST8 CC8
69 Lagos1 Nasal swab/Screening PEN, OXA, GEN, TET, COT + + - NT - t064
T39sB Iwo HIV/AIDS PEN, OXA, TET, COT + + - NT - t064
T6530 Ile-Ife Osteomyelitis PEN, OXA, GEN, CIP, TET, COT + + - IV - t064
TU32 Ibadan Wound Infection PEN, OXA, CIP, TET, COT + + - NT - t064
TU3ψ Ibadan Wound Infection PEN, OXA, CIP, TET, COT + + - NT/V - t064
T5056 Ile-Ife Bronchitis PEN, OXA, GEN, CIP, ERY, CLI*, TET, COT, FUS, RIF + + - III - t074 ST37 CC30
TD17 Ile-Ife Bronchitis PEN, OXA, ERY, CLI + + ND II - t007 ST39
TN45 Ile-Ife Wound Infection PEN, OXA, TET + + ND IV - t729 ST88 CC88
003B Maiduguri Septicaemia PEN, OXA, TET, COT + + + IV - t1603
008 Maiduguri Septicaemia PEN, OXA, COT + + + IV - t1603
T5843ψ Ile-Ife Osteomyelitis PEN, OXA, TET, COT + + - NT/UNT + t4690** ST152 singleton


ψ: Representative MRSA for SCCmec typing determined by Kondo et al. (2007).

¶Nasal samples of health care workers (HCWs) in one of the hospitals in Lagos (designated as Lagos1).

Geographical region (Nigeria): South-West (Ile-Ife, Ibadan, Iwo and Lagos); North-East (Maiduguri); North Central (Jos).

GTI: Genital Tract Infection; ASOM: Acute suppurative otitis media.

Antibiotics - PEN: Penicillin; OXA: Oxacillin; GEN: Gentamicin; CIP: Ciprofloxacin; MOX: Moxifloxacin; ERY: Erythromycin; CLI: Clindamycin; TET: Tetracycline; FUS: Fusidic acid; RIF: Rifampicin; COT: Cotrimoxazole; *: Inducible resistance (clindamycin).

UNT: Untypeable SCCmec types; NT: Non-typeable; ND: Not determined.

Isolates with spa type t007, t074, t729 and t1603 were assigned STs based on the Based Upon Repeat Pattern (BURP) via the Ridom StaphType software.

**: MLST on representative strains.

Shittu et al.

Shittu et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2012 12:286   doi:10.1186/1471-2334-12-286

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