Table 7

Cardiovascular Health Study Frailty Criteria1
Criterion Measure Frailty criteria
Slow gait Determined by taking the better of two timed 3-meter walks.

≥7 seconds2, men ≤ 173 cm ≥ 7 seconds, women ≤ 159 cm ≥ 6 seconds, men > 173 cm

≥ 6 seconds, women > 159 cm

Muscle weakness Average of three grip strength readings using a handheld dynamometer.3

BMI-specific thresholds: ≤ 29-32 kg, men

≤ 17-21 kg, women

Low physical activity Reported minutes over two weeks per activity type - from the interRAI-AL “Exercise or Leisure Activities” 4

Activities were mapped to Minnesota Leisure Time Activity Questionnaire [34]. Kcals per week calculated based on the intensity codes: < 383 Kcals/week, men

< 270 Kcals/week, women

Unintentional weight loss Answer to question: “In the past year have you lost more than 10 pounds unintentionally” 5 Response of “Yes”
Exhaustion Answers to 3 questions: “In the past month, on average, have you been: 1) Feeling unusually tired during the day?; 2) Feeling unusually weak?; and/or, 3) Feeling an unusually low energy level?”6 Response of Yes to any of the 3 questions

CHS Cardiovascular Health Study, AL assisted living, cm centimeters, BMI body mass index, kg kilograms, kcals kilocalories.1As detailed in Fried et al. 2001 [9].2Sex and height-specific thresholds.3JAMAR®, Sammons Preston Rolyan, Bolingbrook, IL.4Include: aquasize/swimming; bowling; dancing; exercise bike/treadmill; exercise program; floor curling/lawn bowling; gardening; household chores; shuffleboard/pool; Tai chi/yoga; walking/wheeling indoors & outdoors.5CHS also allowed actual unintentional 5% weight loss over 1-year (not assessed in ACCES).6CHS used 2 items from the CES-D Scale [35]: “I feel that everything I do is an effort” and “I cannot get going” (those reporting feeling this way at least 3–4 days/previous week fulfilled the criterion).

Hogan et al.

Hogan et al. BMC Geriatrics 2012 12:56   doi:10.1186/1471-2318-12-56

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