Figure 8.

Electron micrographs of sections of murine liver taken 12 hr after intravenous injection of 12 mg ConA/kg. Representative samples shown are from C57Bl/6 (B, D) and C57Bl/6 IFN-γ−/−(A, C) mice. Note the areas of fibrosis (**) and deranged mitochondria (★) in the liver of C57Bl/6 mice. With the exception of fatty infiltrates (▲), the liver of the C57Bl/6 IFN-γ−/− mice appears normal with intact mitochondria (m). Bars: A-B = 0.5 μm; C-D = 0.2 μm.

Al-Shamsi et al. BMC Gastroenterology 2013 13:6   doi:10.1186/1471-230X-13-6
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