Figure 6.

Micrographs of hematoxylin-stained liver sections from untreated and ConA-treated C57Bl/6 and C57Bl/6 IFN-γ−/−mice. Samples are representative of those from (A, B, C) wild-type and from (D, E, F)IFN-γ−/− C57Bl/6 mice, each of which had been injected with 12 mg ConA/kg. Livers were then collected at (A, D) 3, (B, E) 6, and (C, F) 12 hr post-injection. Note the accumulation of mononuclear cells in the wild-type mice at 3 and (more profusely) 6 hr (arrow), and the solitary cells in the IFN-γ−/− mice (even 6 hr after injection). Infiltration is found around vessels and sinusoids in both strains. At 12 hr post-injection, areas of necrosis (star) filled with mononuclear cells become apparent in the liver of wild-type mice, but livers of IFN-γ−/− mice remained unaffected. Bar = 50 μm.

Al-Shamsi et al. BMC Gastroenterology 2013 13:6   doi:10.1186/1471-230X-13-6
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