Table 1

Comparison of reported patients with SLE complicating Crohn disease
Pt Age/Sex SLE disease duration Immunological findings Sympotom ESR (mm/hr) Colonoscopy findings Result of biopsy Treatment Reference
1 28M 7years ANA 1280× Anti-DNA 160× Diarrhea 89 Deep linear and ulceration, pseudopolyps, skip lesion Acute and clonic inflammation mPSL40mg/d. d iv [2]
pyoderma gangrenosum
2 15F 3years ANA 1280× Anti-DNA 50× Abdominal pain 68 Multiple ulcers with linear ulcer, skip lesion, Pseudpolyps Infiltration of chronic inflammatory cells in the lamina proprial mucosa with marked depletion of goblet cells without vasculitis Salazosulpha-pyridine [3]
Blood stained stool
3 55F 12years ANA 80× Anti-dsDNA 80×positive LE cell Intermittent hematochezia, tenesmus and loose bowel movements 35 Multiple ulcers with linear ulcer, diffuse aphthous ulcers active colitis with noncaceating granulomas Prednisone [4]
4 25F She developed SLE four years after developing Crohn’s disease. ANA 160× Anti-dsDNA 800IU/ml pANCA positive Watery diarrhea N/A Longitudinal ulcers and mucosal erosion Focal cryptitis with noncaceating granuloma Salazosulpha-pyridine 3g/d [5]
Lower abdominal pain, Perianal abscess
5 37M 9years ANA 320× Anti-dsDNA320× Anti-DNA 26IU/ml positive LE cell Diarrhea 65 Longitudinal ulcers, linear ulcer, cobble stone appearance, Pseudpolyps Non-specific colitis without vasculitis Salazosulpha-pyridine 1g/d,Azathiop-rine75mg [6]
6 49F 5years ANA positive Diarrhea N/A Emergent operation with Transmural fibrosis and Mesalazine [7]
anti-dsDNA 234IU/ml Abdominal pain a right hemicolectomy was performed. inflammation with lymphocyte aggregation, but no evidence of vasculitis. Prednisone 10mg b.i.d.
Massive bloody stool
7 55F 36years a high titer of anti-dsDNA antibody (at diagonosis of SLE) a positive result for ANA Diarrhea 48 Longitudinal ulcers, cobble stone appearance, Pseudpolyps active colitis with noncaceating granulomas without vasculitis Infliximab The present case
Abdominal pain
bloody stool
anal fistula

M,male; F, female; ANA, antinuclear antibody; Anti-DNA, antinative deoxyribonucleic acid antibody; mPSL, methylprednisolone; N/A, not available; Anti-dsDNA,antinative double-stranded antinative deoxyribonucleic acid antibody.

Yamashita et al.

Yamashita et al. BMC Gastroenterology 2012 12:174   doi:10.1186/1471-230X-12-174

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