Table 1

Complications and required interventions in 2,229 liver biopsies
Description of complication Indication Final diagnose
Major complication (n=12)
Bleeding requiring transfusion (n=8) Potentially malignant lesion (n=6) Benigne liver tumor (n=3)
Hepatopathy (n=1) Hepatopathy (n=3)
Hepatitis (n=1) Metastases (n=2)
Vasovagal reaction (n=2) potentially malignant lesion (n=1) Metastases (n=1)
Hepatitis (n=1) Viral hepatitis (n=1)
Pneumothorax (n=1) Autoimmune disorder (n=1) No pathological findings (n=1)
Post-puncture anaphylactoid reaction (n=1) Hepatopathy (n=1) Hepatopathy (n=1)
Minor complication (n=15)
Pain, vegetative symptoms (n=3) Potentially malignant lesion (n=2) Metastases (n=2)
Hepatitis (n=1) Hepatopathy (n=1)
Large hematoma of the liver (n=1) potentially malignant lesion (n=1) Metastases (n=1)
Reduction in hemoglobin concentration without evidence of bleeding (n=1) Potentially malignant lesion (n=1) Chonic hepatitis (n=1)
Significant perihepatic fluid (n=1) Hepatopathy (n=1) Non-diagnostic puncture (n=1)
mild bleeding (n=9) Potentially malignant lesion (n=7) Hepatopathy (n=2)
Hepatitis (n=1) Metastases (n=4)
Hepatopathy (n=1) No pathological findings (n=2)
Poorly differentiated carcinoma (n=1)

Mueller et al.

Mueller et al. BMC Gastroenterology 2012 12:173   doi:10.1186/1471-230X-12-173

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