Figure 2.

Quantification of IL-6, TNF-α, IL-1β and TLR5 mRNA in Ileum samples. Figure 2A and 2B illustrate in a bar diagram that IL-6 and TNF-α mRNA expression increased markedly in control group compared with mannoprotein(n = 9 control group, n = 8 mannoprotein group). Figure 2C shows IL-1β mRNA expression in both groups represented as a bar diagram, with higher and significant levels in the controls. Finally, figure 2D shows the results for TLR5 gene expression in both groups with no differences in the control group compared with mannoprotein. Error bars represent the standard deviations. * Significant at p < 0.05 compared with control.

Posadas et al. BMC Gastroenterology 2010 10:58   doi:10.1186/1471-230X-10-58
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