Table 1

The interview schedule

1. Could you tell me a bit about your headaches? e.g.

• How long have you been suffering from headaches?

• There all the time/on and off?

• Triggers?

• Associated features? (e.g. aura, vision problems)

• Severity, intensity?

2. How would you say your headaches affect your life? e.g.

• Do they stop you from working/carrying out daily duties?

• Do they affect your social life?

• Do they affect your ability to sleep?

• Do they affect your mood?

3. Have you ever been to see your GP about your headaches?


• What prompted you to go the first time?

• How did you feel the first consultation went?

• Would you say that you got what you wanted from the consultation?

• What would you say makes a consultation good or bad?


• Why haven't you been to see him/her?

• What would prompt you to go?

4. Do you still go to see your GP?


• Why do you still go?

• How do you feel the consultations go now?


• Why don't you go to see him/her anymore?

How important is it to have a diagnosis?

5. Have you ever seen a hospital specialist about your headaches?


• How did/do you feel the consultation goes?


• Go to Question 6

6. Have you ever seen an alternative specialist for your headaches?


• What prompted you to go the first time?

• Were you satisfied with the consultation?

• Did you get what you wanted from the consultation?

• Do you still see him/her?

• Does your GP know you go?


• Would you ever consider going to see an alternative therapist?

7. What types of medications have you used/do you use to relieve the pain?

≺ Prescribed?

≺ Non-prescribed?

≺ Alternative? (If not, would you consider using them?)

Why have you used these?

How helpful were they?

Why do you take medication e.g. to prevent/treat?

8. What else do you do to relieve your head pain?

9. Do you ever use other means such as self-help groups, the Internet or magazines/newspapers for information or help?

10. Do you feel you know enough about your condition?

11. How well do you feel your condition is managed either by a professional or in terms of self-management?

12. How do you view the future with regard your headaches?

Leiper et al. BMC Family Practice 2006 7:27   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-7-27

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