Table 1

Overview of sources used to obtain regular health care costs and costs of the CareWell-primary care program
Costs EasyCareTOS External source
Regular health care
regular GP contacts X electronic health record
out-of-office hours GP contacts X -
home care X home care organization
domestic care X municipality
medication X electronic health record
residential home admissions X -
nursing home admissions X -
day care in residential home X -
day care in nursing home X -
hospital admissions X -
physiotherapist X -
assistive devices X -
CareWell-primary care program
time needed for proactive care planning / case management / multidisciplinary deliberation medication review - time registrations by health care professionals

Ruikes et al.

Ruikes et al. BMC Family Practice 2012 13:115   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-13-115

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