Table 2

Emerging themes from interviews with GPs asking about views on the INTRO intervention
Relevance of the intervention: awareness of the problem of antibiotic prescribing
  ·  Relevant topic but difficult to tackle
  ·  GP’s existing knowledge affects usefulness of intervention
Attractiveness and feasibility of the intervention
  ·  Making the intervention worthwhile for GPs
  ·  Considering the needs of patients
  ·  Managing patient demand
  ·  Trade-off between benefit and harm to consultation time
  ·  Feasibility in the primary care context
  ·  Relevance to the national context and established local practices
  ·  Providing evidence based information
Ease of use of the intervention format
  ·  Design to make easy to use
  ·  Employ attention grabbing features
Clarity of the intervention content
  ·  Make content simple to understand
  ·  Content should be country relevant
  ·  Use content to guide GP through intervention components

Anthierens et al.

Anthierens et al. BMC Family Practice 2012 13:101   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-13-101

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