Table 1

Search terms used


Search terms used (each term within criteria combined with Boolean Operator "OR")

Chronic Knee Pain (CKP)

"Chronic knee pain"; "Chronic pain" AND "knee" OR "knee joint"; "Knee arthritis"; "Knee" OR "knee joint" AND "pain measurement"; "Knee osteoarthritis"; "Knee pain"; "Musculoskeletal pain"; "Osteoarthritis, knee"; "Osteoarthritis" AND "knee" OR "knee joint"; "Pain" AND "knee" OR "knee joint"

Exercise (Ex)

"Dance therapy"; "Dynamic exercise"; "Exercise"; "Exercise therapy"; "Motion therapy"; "Motor activity"; "Movement therapy"; "Muscle stretching exercises"; "Physical activity"; "Static exercise"; "Tai Chi"; "Therapeutic exercise"; "Walking"; "Yoga"

General practitioners (GP)

"Family medicine"; "Family physicians"; "Family practice"; "General practitioner"; "General practice"; "Physicians, family"; "Primary care"; "Primary health care"; "Primary" AND "healthcare"; "Primary medical care"; "Primary healthcare"

Attitudes, beliefs (At)

"Attitude" OR "Attitudes"; "Attitude of health personnel"; "Belief" OR "Beliefs"; "Health personnel attitude"; "Perception" OR "perceptions"; "Physician attitude"

Behaviours (Be)

"Adherence to guidelines"; "Approaches"; "Behaviours"; "Clinical practice"; "Case management"; "Disease management"; "Management"; "Medical treatment"; "Medical audit"; "Medical Practice"; "Pain management"; "Physicians Practice patterns"; "Prescription"; "Treatment Orientations"

Cottrell et al. BMC Family Practice 2010 11:4   doi:10.1186/1471-2296-11-4

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