Figure 1.

a-d. Bland-Altman plots of the difference between measured and self-reported body weight (a), height (b), BMI (c) and WC (d) plotted against the mean. In each figure, the solid line represents the mean difference between the measured and self-reported value (body weight: 1.4 kg; height: -0.7 cm; BMI: 0.7 kg/m2; WC: -1.1 cm) and the dashed lines represent the 95% limits of agreement (body weight -2.4, 5.2; body height -3.7, 2.3; BMI -0.9, 2.3; WC -8.9, 6.8).

Dekkers et al. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2008 8:69   doi:10.1186/1471-2288-8-69
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