Figure 3.

Clustering of OsWRKY genes according to their expression profile in the NIAS 22 K array. Clustering of the 50 OsWRKY genes present in the NIAS 22 K array according to their expression profiles in 30 experiments (upon abiotic stress conditions and in different plant tissues) was performed. Panel A T-test P-values (shown by a green - black gradient) of treated vs control of the corresponding ratios shown in Panel B. The range of log transformed P-values comprised values between 0.01 (green) and 1 (black). P-values lower than 0.01 were visualized as 0.01. Panel B log2(Treated/Control) ratio values (shown by a green - magenta gradient). Red boxes with capital letters from G to I highlight the presence of co-expressed WRKY gene clusters.

Berri et al. BMC Plant Biology 2009 9:120   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-9-120
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