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Dynamics of the ER in epidermal cells in control cotyledons. ER in the cortical cytoplasm underlying the outer epidermal cell wall in a cotyledon of Arabidopsis thaliana expressing GFP-KKXX [71]. The cotyledon has been mounted onto a microscope slide but had not been touched with a microprobe. In general, the network of ER is stable and its organization does not change during the observation period. However, some transient flaring of strands of diffuse fluorescence occurs in the top right hand corner of the cell in the first three images (arrowheads) and near the left hand side of the cell in the images taken at 4 minutes 18 seconds and 5 minutes 12 seconds (arrows). Bar = 10 μm.

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Hardham et al. BMC Plant Biology 2008 8:63   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-8-63