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Dynamic changes in the microtubule array as the contact point moves across the cell wall. Movie composed of 95 images of the microtubule array underneath the point of contact with a tungsten needle in A. thaliana expressing TUA6-GFP. Each image in the movie is a projection of five optical sections through the cortical cytoplasm underlying the outer epidermal cell wall. The position of the needle is indicated by the V-shaped shadow (top centre). The movie commences just before touching the cell surface with the needle and ends 1 hour 11 minutes later. The time between most images is about 30–40 seconds. A bright diffuse cloud of GFP-tubulin begins to accumulate at the point of contact about 3.5 minutes after touching the cell with the needle. As the needle drifts across the cotyledon surface, the cloud of concentrated GFP-tubulin moves with it to remain beneath the point of contact. When the needle tip moves from one cell to an adjacent cell the fluorescent cloud dissipates in the first cell and forms in the second. The movie plays at about 200 times real-time.

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Hardham et al. BMC Plant Biology 2008 8:63   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-8-63