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Focusing of actin cables on the contact site. Movie composed of 53 images of the actin array underneath the point of contact with a tungsten microneedle in A. thaliana expressing hTalin-GFP. Each image in the movie is a projection of six optical sections through the cortical cytoplasm underlying the outer epidermal cell wall. The position of the needle tip is indicated by the vertical line of reflected light. The movie commences just before touching the cell surface with the needle and ends 28 min later. The time between most images is 20–25 s. During the second half of the movie sequence, actin cables become focused on the contact site. The movie plays at about 150 times real-time. Selected images from the sequence are illustrated in Fig. 2.

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Hardham et al. BMC Plant Biology 2008 8:63   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-8-63