Additional file 2.

Example result pages of a Microarray database query. (A) Screenshot of a truncated page displaying annotation (BLAST top match description) search results for query term "thaumatin". (B) View of a page displaying the FASTA sequences and cultivar details. Further information to an external link to the NCBI's GenBank is provided. (C) View of a page displaying the results of the expression profile in the form of a graph which is generated dynamically, displaying the stage, expression value and the percentage of expression across the 12 data points. Values in the while boxes are fold-change differences for treatment over controls. Percentages given at the top of the bars were calculated by dividing the fold change value for that stage over the fold change across all the 12 stages. (D) View of a page displaying the microarray probe information.

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Doddapaneni et al. BMC Plant Biology 2008 8:23   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-8-23