Figure 5.

Target plots (t-plots) of identified cotton conserved miRNA targets using degradome sequencing. The abundance of each signature is plotted as a function of its position in the transcript. The red colored italicized nucleotide on the target transcript from the 3 end indicates the cleavage site detected in the degradome library. The number next to the arrow in the alignment between the miRNA and the target is the cDNA position corresponds to the detected cleavage site. The X-axis of each t-plot represents the cDNA position range with the sequenced tags coverage. TP10M is normalized abundance in the formula TP10M = raw abundance/(total genome match – (t/r/sn/snoRNA))*10,000,000.

Wei et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:66   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-66
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