Table 1

Similarity between the Arabidopsis GX synthesis proteins and their respective Arabidopsis and Physcomitrella homologs
Arabidopsis protein vs. gene model ClustalW identity score(%)
AtIRX10-L (At5g61840) AtIRX10 (At1g27440) 86.17
PpGT47A (Pp1s7_455V6) 75.75
AtIRX10 (At1g27440) AtIRX10-L (At5g61840) 86.17
PpGT47A (Pp1s7_455V6) 76.39
AtFRA8 (At2g28110) AtF8H (At5g22940) 57.81
Pp1s315_20V6.1 45.31
Pp1s217_58V6.1 48.33
Pp1s13_216V6.1 45.98
AtF8H (At5g22940) AtFRA8 (At2g28110) 57.81
Pp1s315_20V6.1 43.07
Pp1s217_58V6.1 47.86
Pp1s13_216V6.1 43.92
AtIRX9 (At2g37090) AtIRX9-L (At1g27600) 29.06
Pp1s52_108V6.1 29.06
Pp1s1_540V6.1 27.92
AtIRX9-L (At1g27600) AtIRX9 (At2g37090) 29.06
Pp1s52_108V6.1 44.92
Pp1s1_540V6.1 44.16
AtIRX14 (At4g36890) AtIRX14-L (At5g67230) 61.79
Pp1s248_13V6.1 29.33
Pp1s19_221V6.1 27.74
Pp1s78_128V6.1 30.46
AtIRX14-L (At5g67230) AtIRX14 (At4g36890) 61.79
Pp1s248_13V6.1 24.80
Pp1s19_221V6.1 26.83
Pp1s78_128V6.1 28.17
AtGUX1 (At3g18660) AtGUX2 (At4g33330) 39.60
Pp1s21_381V6.1 44.75
Pp1s351_36V6.1 34.05
Pp1s223_30V6.1 34.35
AtGUX2 (At4g33330) AtGUX1 (At3g18660) 39.60
Pp1s21_381V6.1 42.93
Pp1s351_36V6.1 34.23
Pp1s223_30V6.1 33.05
AtIRX8 No homolog found
AtPARVUS No obvious homolog found*

Gene models were considered putative homologs if the Arabidopsis protein that was used for the Blast was the Arabidopsis protein which exhibited most similarity. *Although three Physcomitrella gene models were identified with the corresponding protein exhibiting between 49.57 and 51.57% similarity to PARVUS, the sequences all exhibited stronger homology to at least 10 other Arabidopsis proteins, and were therefore not considered as obvious homologs. (ClustalW).

Hörnblad et al.

Hörnblad et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:3   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-3

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