Figure 2.

Ovules of ucn-1 sk21-D mutants show enhanced protrusion formation. Confocal micrographs of early stage 4 ovules stained with pseudo-Schiff propidium iodide (mPS PI) are shown. Arrows indicate protrusions. (A) Wild-type ovule (Ler). (B) ucn-1 ovule. Note the presence of a protrusion. (C) sk21-D/+ ovule. A small protrusion is indicated. (D) sk21-D ovule. (E, F) ucn-1 sk21-D ovules. (E) Note the prominently enlarged protrusion (compare with B, D). (F) Multiple protrusions are detectable. Scale bars: 20 μm.

Enugutti and Schneitz BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:2   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-2
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