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Additional candidate gene expression in PRC2 VIGS-treated leaves. A. Expression of AqCLF and AqSWN in AqFIE- and AqEMF2-treated leaves. Although AqEMF2 appears to be down-regulated in some AqFIE-silenced leaves, the expression of AqCLF and AqSWN in these leaves is not affected. B. Expression of AqAG1, AqFL1, AqAP3-1, AqAP3-2, and AqAP3-3 in pooled AqANS silenced control leaves (C) and AqFIE (F) and AqEMF2 (E) silenced leaves. AqAP3-1 AqAP3-2 and AqAP3-3 is moderately up-regulated in both AqFIE and AqEMF2 silenced tissue while AgFL1 expression is unaffected.

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Gleason and Kramer BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:185   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-185