Figure 2.

Floral phenotypes of PRC2 VIGS-treated plants. A-C.AqANS-silenced control flower and perianth organs (Control). A. Entire flower. B. Entire sepal. C. Petal limb. D-J.AqFIE-silenced flowers and organs (abbreviated aqfie). D. Severely affected flower. E. Moderately affected flower. F. Narrow, folded sepal of flower in D. G. Narrow, stunted petal of flower in D. H-I. Petals with bent spurs from moderately affected flowers. J. Yellow limb of moderately affected petal. K-Q.AqEMF2-silenced flowers and organs (abbreviated aqemf2). K-L. Severely affected flowers. M-N. Sepal/petal chimeras from first whorl of flowers such as K. O. Yellow limb of second whorl petal from flower in K. P. Narrow, folded sepal from flower in L. Q. Narrow, bent petal from flower in L. Scale bars: 1 cm.

Gleason and Kramer BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:185   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-185
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