Figure 1.

Vegetative phenotypes of PRC2 VIGS-treated plants. A.AqANS-treated leaf (Control) with three lobed leaflets. First order petiolules are marked with asterisks. B-I.AqFIE-silenced leaves and leaflets (abbreviated aqfie). B. Entire leaf with highly branched leaflets. C-E. Each leaflet from the leaf shown in B with higher order petiolules marked with asterisks and reduced central lobe indicated with an arrow. Leaflets are arranged in clockwise order starting with the left lateral leaflet in B. F. Leaflet with curled laminae, increased branching (asterisks) and ectopic outgrowth on the adaxial lamina (white arrowhead). G. Leaflet with reduced lamina and narrow lobes that are deeply divided. H. Entire leaf showing increasing internal branching (asterisks) and curling. I. Entire leaf with deep lobes and aberrantly shaped laminae. J-M.AqEMF2-silenced leaves (abbreviated aqemf2). J. Entire leaf showing curled/ruffled laminae and deep lobing. K. Central leaflet from J exhibiting curled laminae, increased degree of lobing and serration. L. Entire leaf with internal branching (asterisks) and curled laminae. M. Leaflet with reduced central lobe (arrow). Scale bars: 1 cm.

Gleason and Kramer BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:185   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-185
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