Table 1

Structural and grain related traits of a rice panicle
Panicle structure traits Spikelet (Grain) traits
Trait Short name Trait Short name
Primary Axis - length PA_length Spikelets - number Sp_nb
Primary Axis - diameter PA_diameter Spikelets - length Sp_length
Secondary Axis - position SA_po Spikelets - width Sp_width
Secondary Axes - number SA_nb Spikelets - area Sp_area
Secondary Axis - length SA_length Spikelets - perimeter Sp_perimeter
Number of Nodes Node_nb Spikelets - circularity Sp_circularity
Secondary Axes Intervals Length SA_int Spikelets - compactness Sp_compactness
Tertiary Axes - number TA_nb Spikelets - ellipticity Sp_ellipticity
Tertiary Axes - length TA_length Aspect - ratio Sp_AR
Tertiary Axis - position TA_po
Tertiary Axes Intervals Length TA_int
Quaternary Axes - number QA_nb
Quaternary Axes - length QA_length
Quaternary Axes - position QA_po
Quaternary Axes Intervals Length QA_int

Two different types of traits regarding to the panicle components. These are structural and grain related traits.

AL-Tam et al.

AL-Tam et al. BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:122   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-122

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