Figure 4.

QC size but not patterning is altered in spt-11. Micrographs of 5 DAG roots. (A, C, E) Col-0. (B, D, F) spt-11. (A, B) Expression of QC25::GUS (blue) in the QC and starch in the differentiated columella. Red asterisks indicate QC cells, arrowheads indicate root cap initials and arrows indicate first row of columella cells. (C, D) Expression of the columella marker QC1630::GFP in propidium iodine-stained roots. Arrowheads indicate root cap initial cells and lines indicate stained columella cell layers. (E, F) Close-ups of the roots shown in A and B to highlight expression of QC25::GUS. Red asterisks indicate QC cells. (G, H) Micrographs of 5 DAG roots stained for starch. (G) L. er. (H) spt-2. Red asterisks appear above cells in the QC. Arrow indicates starch staining in the root cap. Arrowheads indicate columella and epidermal/lateral root cap cells. Scale bars indicate 100 μm.

Makkena and Lamb BMC Plant Biology 2013 13:1   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-13-1
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