Figure 1.

Novel imaging hardware records distinctive patterns of growth for spaceflight and ground control plants. The GFP Imaging System (GIS) is unique spaceflight hardware that is designed to be housed within the Advanced Biological Research System (ABRS) orbital growth chamber (A). The GIS contains six slots that accommodate 10 cm2 petri plates, three in an upper tier and three in a lower tier (B). The middle lower tier plate is positioned directly in front of the GIS camera and collects a set of images every 6 hours and includes an image-unique time-stamp; examples shown are from the initiation of the experiment (C) and at the end (D). Time stamps for these images are in the lower left corner. Time stamps are in the convention of year_month_day_hour_minute, thus, 1C, 2010_02_11_03_37, corresponds to 2010, February 11, 03:37 and 2010_02_26_09_39 to 2010, February 26, 09:39. The proximity to the LED light source influences the patterns of root growth between lower tier plates (E) and upper tier plates (F).

Paul et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:232   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-232
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