Table 9

Over-representative GO terms* in chilling stressedC. bungeanabut not in Arabidopsis
GO ID Description Correctedp-value
Biological process:
Stimulus responses related:
9751 response to salicylic acid stimulus 7.70E-10
9753 response to jasmonic acid stimulus 6.36E-09
52544 defense response by callose deposition in cell wall 3.95E-06
42742 defense response to bacterium 1.09E-05
45087 innate immune response 5.27E-03
71214 cellular response to abiotic stimulus 5.41E-03
42594 response to starvation 2.31E-02
Metabolism processes:
9695 jasmonic acid biosynthetic process 3.95E-06
42343 indole glucosinolate metabolic process 6.93E-04
9074 aromatic amino acid family catabolic process 1.51E-03
9065 glutamine family amino acid catabolic process 1.43E-02
10120 camalexin biosynthetic process 2.15E-02
6558 L-phenylalanine metabolic process 1.97E-02
Developmental processes:
9901 anther dehiscence 1.00E-02
48544 recognition of pollen 1.40E-02
6468 protein phosphorylation 9.85E-04
71702 organic substance transport 1.28E-02
7165 signal transduction 1.57E-02
51865 protein autoubiquitination 2.15E-02
Molecular function:
43565 sequence-specific DNA binding 5.53E-09
5506 iron ion binding 2.42E-05
9055 electron carrier activity 4.39E-05
5199 structural constituent of cell wall 9.06E-05
16705 oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen 5.20E-04
19825 oxygen binding 6.82E-04
45735 nutrient reservoir activity 9.46E-04
4674 protein serine/threonine kinase activity 9.60E-04
16165 lipoxygenase activity 9.74E-03
16840 carbon-nitrogen lyase activity 1.12E-02

* Only GO terms of the end nodes in the network were presented.

Zhao et al.

Zhao et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:222   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-222

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