Table 3

Classification of plant SDRs
Representative gene SDR nomenclature initiative Known functions Occurence Average identity (%)
AT4G23420 SDR7C Pisum sativum Tic32 (chloroplast protein import translocon) ViridP 49,4
AT1G67730 SDR12C β-ketoacyl reductase (fatty acids elongation) LandP 48,4
AT3G12800 SDR17C - ViridP 64,1
AT4G05530 SDR25C SDRA-IBR1 (indole-3-butyric acid response 1) ViridP 67,7
AT3G03330 SDR34C - ViridP 56,1
AT3G06060 SDR35C - ViridP 47,9
AT4G09750 SDR40C - ViridP* 70,8
AT1G54870 SDR57C - ViridP 58,0
AT5G06060 SDR65C Tropinone Reductase ViridP 53,3
AT3G03980 SDR68C TracheoP 57,0
AT5G54190 SDR73C Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase ViridP 74,5
AT3G50560 SDR84C - ViridP 60,4
AT1G52340 SDR110C ABA2 (xanthoxin oxidase), Tasselseed2, Secoisolariciresinol dehydrogenase, Momilactone A synthase, Isopiperitenol dehydrogenase LandP 47,1
AT3G61220 SDR114C Salutaridine reductase, Menthone reductase, Isopiperitenone reductase ViridP 45,4
AT5G50600 SDR119C Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase LandP 44,4
AT3G55290 SDR132C Solanum tuberosum TDF511 ViridP 62,4
AT1G24360 SDR152C FAS-II- β-ketoacyl reductase (FabG) ViridP 68,3
AT1G10310 SDR357C Pterin aldehyde reductase (folate salvage) TracheoP 70,0
AT5G10050 SDR368C - ViridP 45,8
AT4G27760 SDR369C Arabidopsis thaliana Forever Young ViridP 57,2
AT2G05990 SDR87D Enoyl-ACP reductase (ENR) ViridP 75,0
AT1G49670 - - ViridP 50,6
AT3G01980 - Cucumis melo ADH2 LandP 57,8
AT4G13250 - NYC1/NOL (chlorophyll b reductase) ViridP 48,1
AT4G20760 - - ViridP 61,8
AT5G04070 - - LandP 52,7
AT4G10960 SDR1E UDP-D-glucose/UDP-D-galactose 4-epimerase, UDP-arabinose 4-epimerase Virid 55,4
AT1G78570 SDR2E NDP-L-rhamnose synthase/epimerase ViridP 74,7
AT5G66280 SDR3E GDP-mannose 4,6-dehydratase LandP 72,3
AT1G17890 SDR4E GDP-4-keto-6-deoxymannose-3,5-epimerase-4-reductase LandP 73,1
AT2G28760 SDR6E UDP-xylose synthase, UDP-glucuronic acid decarboxylase ViridP 69,7
AT2G20360 SDR22E - ViridP 60,1
AT1G47290 SDR31E 3β-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase/decarboxylase ViridP 48,2
AT2G33630 SDR42E - ViridP* 66,2
AT4G30440 SDR50E UDP-D-glucuronate 4-epimerase ViridP 61,3
AT4G33030 SDR52E UDP-sulfoquinovose synthase ViridP 73,8
AT1G08200 SDR67E UDP-D-apiose/UDP-D-xylose synthase LandP 81,9
AT5G28840 SDR93E GDP-D-mannose 3′,5′-epimerase ViridP 87,4
AT5G42800 SDR108E Dihydroflavonol 4-reductase, Anthocyanidin reductase, Cinnamoyl-CoA reductase, Phenylacetaldehyde reductase, Eutypine reductase ViridP 36,6
GRMZM2G086773 SDR115E HC-toxin reductase FlowerP 55,0
AT5G22500 SDR117E fatty-acyl-CoA reductase LandP 46,8
AT4G24220 SDR75U VEIN PATTERNING 1 (VEP1), progesterone 5β-reductase LandP 53,4
AT4G35250 SDR81U - ViridP 76,4
AT1G09340 SDR83U Chloroplast stem-loop binding protein ViridP 50,7
AT5G18660 SDR98U 3,8-divinyl protochlorophyllide a 8-vinyl reductase ViridP 62,5
AT5G02240 SDR358U - ViridP* 68,9
AT1G32100 (PLR-IFR) SDR460A Pinoresinol reductase, Isoflavone reductase, Vestitone reductase, Phenylcoumaran benzylic ether reductase, Eugenol synthase TracheoP 45,3
AT4G33360 - Farnesol NAD dehydrogenase LandP 63,2
AT4G00560 - ViridP 56,5

Each family was associated with a representative gene and, when possible, with a specific SDR nomenclature initiative HMM. Information on the occurrence of SDRs in different genomes are reported by the taxon name (ViridP: Viridiplantae; LandP: Embryophytae; TracheoP: Tracheophytae; FlowerP: Magnioliophyta). Average pairwise identities were calculated from the sequences of plant genomes. Ambiguously predicted SDRs and families absent in flowering plants were omitted. *: occurrence in Viriplantae was deduced from the presence of homologues in other Green Algae genomes.

Moummou et al.

Moummou et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:219   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-219

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