Table 2

Probes used to perform qPCR of the 10 most up and down regulated genes
Up regulated genes Probe ID Down regulated genes Probe ID
AT3G59900 At02197257_s1 AT3G18000 At02253838_g1
AT5G19890 At02210962_g1 AT4G01630 At02207775_g1
AT2G44080 At02358564_s1 AT4G35100 At02255535_gH
AT5G53980 At02321432_s1 AT1G64390 At02218323_m1
AT5G20820 At02302302_s1 AT4G25250 At02238255_s1
AT5G25340 At02304437_g1 AT2G18800 At02177336_gH
AT2G39980 At02324966_s1 AT5G42590 At02314387_g1
AT4G28050 At02300938_g1 AT2G33790 At02204410_m1
AT1G49570 At02271157_g1 AT3G25190 At02280027_g1
AT4G34110 At02249725_g1 AT4G28250 At02301064_gH

Markakis et al.

Markakis et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:208   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-208

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