Figure 1.

Phylogenetic analysis of plant and symbiont fungal aquaporins. An unrooted phylogenetic tree was generated for the aquaporin plant and fungal sequences with Mega 5,0 software using Muscle for the alignment and the neighbour-joining method for the construction of the phylogeny ( webcite). Bootstrap tests were performed using 1000 replicates. The black arrows mark the two proteins investigated in this study. Abbreviations for plant species: At, Arabidopsis thaliana; Lj, Lotus japonicus; Mt, Medicago truncatula; Nt, Nicotiana tabacum; Rc, Ricinus communis; St, Solanum tuberosum; and fungal species: Lb, Laccaria bicolor; Cc, Coprinopsis cinerea; Sc, Schizophyllum commune; Gi, Glomus intraradices. The GenBank accession numbers for the AQPs used are as follows: GiAQP [257219859]; LbAQP1 [170095169]; CcAQP [169862326]; LbAQP2 [170107189] ScAQP [302686158], LjNIP6-1 [162568625]; MtNIP4 [47531135]; NtXIP1-1a [309385599]; LjNIP5-1 [162568623]; AtNIP5-1 [126352290]; AtNIP3-1 [259016288]; AtNIP2-1 [32363364]; MtNIP2 [44887593]; AtNIP1-1 [32363362]; AtNIP1-2 [32363340]; MtNIP1-2 [355482834]; AtTIP1-1 [135860]; NtTIP1 [162809290]; NtPIP1-1 [17017255]; MtPIP1-1 [357492595]; NtPIP2-1 [17017257]; NtXIP1-1a [309385599]; StXIP1-1a [309385603]; RcXIP [255586851].

Giovannetti et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:186   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-186
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