Figure 1.

Alignment analysis of the deduced amino acid sequences of Picea glauca defensin-encoding genes discovered by database searches. (A) PgDs retrieved by screening the P. glauca EST database using the amino acid sequence of P. glauca defensin 1 (PgD1). The percentage similarity compared to PgD1 is indicated in the last column. The major differences between PgD1 and closely related PgD2, PgD3 and PgD4 are indicated by yellow. The deduced region of mature PgDs is indicated by blue amino acids. (B) Alignment analysis of the deduced mature region of PgD5 peptide with other members of the defensin family. The percentage similarity compared to PgD5 is indicated in the last column. [GenBank:ABK21016.1] unknown Picea sitchensis; [Swiss-Prot:A4L7R8.1] defensin 2 Pinus sylvestris; [GenBank:AAR84643.1] defensin PgD1 Picea glauca; [GenBank:CAA62761.1] putative gamma-thionin protein Picea abies; [GenBank:XP_002274353.1] Vv-Amp defensin Vitis vinifera; [GenBank:ABS72000.1] putative defensin 1 Olea europaea; [GenBank:XP_003628977.1] defensin Medicago truncatula; [GenBank:AAU04859.1] defensin precursor Ginkgo biloba; [GenBank:AEW08922.1] hypothetical protein Pinus radiata; [GenBank:ACV84381.1] defensin precursor Triticum durum; [Swiss-Prot:A3FPF2.1] defensin-like protein Nelumbo nucifera; [GenBank:AAL15885.1] putative gamma-thionin Castanea sativa; [GenBank:EAY86781.1] hypothetical protein Oryza sativa; [GenBank:ACB20518.1] defensin precursor Saccharum officinarum; [GenBank:ACV84379.1] defensin precursor Triticum aestivum; [GenBank:NP_001234987.1] protease inhibitor precursor Glycine max; [GenBank:ADR30067.1] defensin D2 Phaseolus vulgaris; [GenBank:BAA95697.1] thionin like protein Nicotiana tabacum; [GenBank:ABO36637.1] defensin protein Solanum lycopersicum; [GenBank:AAL35366.1] defensin protein precursor Capiscum annuum; [GenBank:ACG30752.1] defensin Zea mays. The consensus sequence containing the eight cysteine residues, two glycines, an aromatic residue and a glutamic acid, common to all plant defensins, is indicated below. The disulfide bridge organization within the PgD5 sequence is indicated below the consensus sequence.

Picart et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:180   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-180
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