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Vegetative phenotype associated with continuous FIL activation in different mutants backgrounds. This figure shows the DEX-inducible phenotype and leaf epidermal cell morphology of mutant plants harbouring the 35Spro::FIL:GR construct. (A-D) Twenty-day-old 35Spro::FIL:GR (A), 35Spro::FIL:GR/arf4 (B), 35Spro::FIL:GR/kan1 (C) and 35Spro::FIL:GR/arf4 kan1 (D), plants grown on soil and sprayed with DEX (see Methods). (E-I) SEM of the adaxial surface of a leaf taken from 35Spro::FIL:GR plants (E, F), a 35Spro::FIL:GR/arf4 plant (G), a 35Spro::FIL:GR/kan1 plant (H) or a 35Spro::FIL:GR/arf4 kan1 plant (I). Plants received a mock treatment (E) or were sprayed with DEX (F-I). Scale bars are 2 mm (A-D) and 100 μM (E-I).

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Bonaccorso et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:176   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-176