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Circadian rhythm of the NaFKF1/ADO3 expression in N. attenuata. (A) Mean (± SE) levels of transcript abundance of NaFKF1/ADO3 were examined using our time course microarray data (accession number GSE30287). Wild-type N. attenuata plants were harvested every 4 h for one day from leaves (n = 3) and roots (n = 3). After RNA isolation, each sample was hybridized on Agilent single color technology arrays designed from the N. attenuata transcriptome (accession number GPL13527). (B) Mean (± SE) levels of relative transcript abundance of NaFKF1/ADO3 in wild-type N. attenuata seedling (n = 20) at each harvest time for two days under long day condition (LD, gray lines, 16 h light/ 8 h dark) and continuous light condition (LL, black line). Transcript levels were determined by qPCR and N. attenuata Elongation Factor was used as reference gene. Gray boxes depict the dark period of LD.

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Yon et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:172   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-172