Table 1

Overview of sequencing and assembly
Raw data
 Total number of reads 71878419
 Number of unique high-quality reads 13300000
 Number of contigs obtained with Velvet/Oases/STM- 22363
Unigenes dataset
 Unigenes number 10338
 Total size (bp) 1787600
 Largest transcript length (bp) 1314
 N50 length (bp) 168
 No ATGC characters 18
 Average coverage per base 62
Predicted proteins
 Predicted CDS (partial/complete) 4472
Gene expression
 Reads mapped in transcripts 71148200
 Most expressed transcript (rpkm) 68250

bp: base pair; rpkm: read coverage normalized per million mapped nucleotides and the length of unigene.

Gordo et al.

Gordo et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:168   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-168

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