Figure 6.

Tolerance to H2O2 treatment (oxidative stress) of control untransformed Senia and S-bp100.1, S-bp100.2i, S-bp100.2mi and S-hgr GM plants in a detached leaf assay.(A) Ten plants from every homozygous line obtained were analyzed. Means and standard errors of the percentages of affected areas are represented as a function of the transgene in each line. Letters indicate statistically significant differences (one-way ANOVA, Tukey’s-b posttest with α value < 0.05). (B) Representative examples of leaves subjected to H2O2 treatment. The right of each pair, labeled in blue, shows NBT stained areas used to calculate percentages of lesion areas (APS assess tool).

Nadal et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:159   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-159
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