Figure 3 .

Phylogenetic relationships between grapevine, barley and Arabidopsis DHN proteins. The unrooted dendrogram was constructed with the PhyML tool using the maximum likelihood method based on a complete protein sequence alignment of DHNs from Arabidopsis thaliana (At), Hordeum vulgare (Hv), V. vinifera (Vv), and V. yeshanensis (Vy). The bootstrap value is given for each node. GenBank accession numbers are as follows: VvDHN1 [XM_03631828], VvDHN2 [XM_002285883], VvDHN3 [CAN73166], VvDHN4 [XM_002283569], VyDHN1 [JF900497], VyDHN2 [JQ408442], VyDHN3 [JQ408443], VyDHN4 [JQ408444], At1g20440 [AY114699], At1g20450 [AF360351], At1g54410 [NM_104319], At1g76180 [AF339722], At2g21490 [BT000900], At3g50970 [NM_114957], At3g50980 [NM_114958], At4g38410 [NM_120003], At4g39130 [NM_120073], At5g66400 [AY093779], HvDhn1 [AF043087], HvDhn2 [AF181452], HvDhn3 [AF181453], HvDhn4 [AF181454], HvDhn5 [AF181455], HvDhn6 [AF181456], HvDhn7 [AF181457], HvDhn8 [AF181458], HvDhn9 [AF181459], HvDhn10 [AF181460], HvDhn11 [AF043086], HvDhn12 [AF155129], HvDhn13 [AY681974].

Yang et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:140   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-140
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