Figure 6 .

Comparison of various yield parameters of WT and OsMT1e-P ectopically expressing tobacco plants, continuously grown under saline conditions. (A) Growth of WT and OsMT1e-P tobacco plants grown in the presence 200 mM NaCl as assessed visually (B) Various growth and yield parameters of the WT and OsMT1e-P tobacco plants grown in the presence of water or 200 mM NaCl, respectively. (C) Na+, K+ and Ca2+ (D) Cu2+ and Zn2+ content [conc. as ppm], in various tissues of the OsMT1e-P ectopically expressing transgenic plants grown under continued presence of 200 mM NaCl, measured using EDXRF analysis. For each analysis, roots, old leaf, young leaf, or pods were collected from three different plants of each line. Similar data for WT plants could not be obtained as these plants did not grow further in the presence of 200 mM NaCl. The data represents mean ± SE of three biological replicates (n = 3). Bars with different letters are statistically significant and those with same letter are not significantly different (p < 0.05).

Kumar et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:107   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-107
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