Figure 12.

Seedling survival of japonica (Nipponbare, CT6748) and indica (INIAP12, IR36) rice cultivars. Seedlings were first germinated at optimum temperature (28°C) before exposure to constant 10°C day/night temperature regime. Injury symptoms were based on Standard Evaluation System, where a score of 1 = seedlings are dark green and healthy, 3= seedlings are pale green, 5 = seedlings are yellow and partially withering, 7 = seedlings are brown and withered, and 9 = seedlings are dead. Occurrence of seedlings with a score of ≥3 was monitored for a 30-day period. A total of 120 plants were analyzed for each cultivar. Values represent the average of three replicates (SE shown as error bars).

Yun et al. BMC Plant Biology 2010 10:16   doi:10.1186/1471-2229-10-16
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