Figure 1.

Drug inhibition profiles of mouse and human monoamine transporters by psychostimulants. Intestine 407 cells were transfected with human or mouse DAT, SERT, or NET cDNAs. Twenty to 24 hours after transfection, cells were incubated with [3H] labeled substrate in PBS/Mg/Ca buffer for 10 min in the absence or presence of increasing concentrations of a psychostimulant drug as indicated. Uptake was terminated by two successive washes with PBS/Mg/Ca. The amounts of [3H] labeled substrate accumulated in the cells were determined by scintillation counting. The uptake activities are presented as fractional activities relative to those in the absence of drugs. The experiments were performed in triplicates. Each data point is expressed as mean ± SEM. The five drugs tested are: A) Cocaine; B) Methylphenidate (Ritalin); C) Amphetamine; D) Methamphetamine; and E) MDMA.

Han and Gu BMC Pharmacology 2006 6:6   doi:10.1186/1471-2210-6-6
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