Figure 1.

NC- and IM-induced depression-related behavioral alterations and the effects of the six TRPV1 ligands in the forced swimming test. The values for the time until immobility (min) and the activity counts (counts/10 min) at the 2 h time point after the last NC or IM treatment are shown. The data represent means ± SD (n = 10 for each group). aa (p < 0.01): significant attenuation as compared to the control group. B (p < 0.05), BB (p < 0.01): significant increase as compared to the NC- or IM-only group. The abbreviations of the co-administered TRPV1 ligands captioned below the X-axis with each i.p. dose (mg/kg) are noted in the text. The data for the control, NC-only, IM-only, and TRPV1 ligand-only groups are also shown.

Hayase BMC Pharmacology 2011 11:6   doi:10.1186/1471-2210-11-6
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