Figure 7.

Effect of CCl4 with or without prior administration of natansnin on Caspase-3 and cytochrome-C. Whole cell protein extracted from control, CCl4 and natansnin (10 mg/kg, 20 mg/kg body weight) treated rats and separated on 12% SDS gels and transferred on to nitrocellulose membranes. Immunoblots were detected with Caspase-3 and cytochrome-C specific primary antibodies. The expression levels of β-actin were used as loading controls. Densitometric analysis showing the protein levels of Caspase-3 and cytochrome-C were increased in CCl4 group while treatment with natansnin significantly decreased the protein levels. Data are represented as mean ± standard deviation from three independent experiments (*p < 0.05 indicate significant difference relative to the CCl4 treated rats).

Srilaxmi et al. BMC Pharmacology 2010 10:13   doi:10.1186/1471-2210-10-13
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